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Using AGRO Park Turf is the best way to get a perfect looking lawn in a short term. Turfs are suitable for gardens as well as public spaces and parks. 

  • turf in 24 hours
  • capable of full load in two to three weeks
  • more secure (drought, floods, weather conditions)
  • weed-free, without moss and diseases
  • possibility of laying any time of the year
  • great appearance - grown by experts


AGRO CS Turfs are high-quality turfs thanks to intensive care, fast delivery
to our customers and using the best grass seed mixtures. 

    Technical data

    • possibility to purchase 1 m2, delivery from 40 m2
    • height 2,5 - 3 cm 
    • vegetation layer 2 cm
    • roll size 250 x 40 x 2,5 cm (1 m2)
    • roll weight 20 – 25 kg (depending on humidity)
    • pallet weight approx. 1 000 kg
    • quantity on one pallet 40 m2

    Composition of the grass seed mixture

    Type  Percentage     
    Kentucky bluegrass / Poa pratensis      55 %
    Perennial ryegrass / Lolium perenne      25 %
    Red fescue  / Festuca rubra trichophylla         20 %

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